Monday, April 30, 2012

O is for One More Month

Before I left school today I changed out the calendar in my classroom to May.  One more month to go (or 16 more school days to be exact) until summer vacation!  I don't know who's more excited, the kids or teachers.  

I'm wrapping up my 19th year of teaching.  Every year at this time I'm counting down right along with the others til the last day of school.  It will take a few weeks to decompress from the last ten months.  By the time I've "thawed," it's generally time to do something for work, home, or livelihood.  I savor my summertime because I'll be back to work with the kiddos before I know it.  If I didn't get a little bit of a break in there it would be hard to come back and do another ten months with any vim much less vigor.

With state testing out of the way we can now begin to wind down the last few weeks.  Field trips, final projects/exams, graduations, and end of the year parties will keep us busy.  Another year has come and gone.

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