Saturday, August 27, 2011

Half Way Mark

I decided to get up and run at sunrise today as opposed to sunset.  The weatherman told everyone on the news last night that we need to get up at 7a.m. because it was going to be nice, but then get hot by the afternoon again.  What a difference running in the morning is!  I am half way at meeting my goal and ran 1 1/2 miles today.

It's taken me 2 months to get to this point.  I wish I could run every morning, but 7:00 a.m is a big difference from 5:00 a.m. to me and then there's work.  When I get home from work there's the kids and housework to see about.  Somehow, I have managed to carve out 45 minutes for me at the end of most days and follow the advice of a wise person.

I have been thinking about when I want to enter my first 5k and actually run.  Since Fall is just around the corner, I'm thinking that would be the perfect time.  2 months ago I thought maybe springtime, but I do believe I'll be able to run 3 miles soon.  Now, I'm off to buy those new shoes I want and some new running clothes.  As an added bonus to running, I am a now a size smaller!

Sunday, August 14, 2011


It's been 6 weeks, and I'm finally able to run 1 mile without stopping!  What an awesome feeling that is!  I remember when I first started out I could barely make it down my street, and now I'm running around my neighborhood like I own it!  Well, I guess I'll share it with a few other fellow runners and maybe the nonrunners too.

I'm actually amazed that I decided to start running at all.  I have never been a runner, and the couple of times I attempted some jogging I would end up making excuses to myself and quit.  Not this time!  Maybe it was the turning 43 that did it.  I started out wanting to lose weight, but it turned into a goal of running in a 5k event.  As I train for this event, I love challenging myself to see what I can do.  Of course the losing weight and toning up is also happening.  My exercise program has completely changed my daily habits and attitude.  I no longer find myself grabbing whatever junk food I find, and when I'm stressed I take it out during my running time.  I may be running more now that school has started back.

So, on to more running and moving up to 2 miles.  But first, I think I'll reward myself by going out to buy new shoes (new running shoes)!


Friday, August 5, 2011

A New School Year

Well, here it is.  Only a few more days left until the new school year begins.  I along with many other teachers have been busily preparing my classroom for the first day of school.  I'm lucky that I have 2 months off in the summer ( I'm remembering when it used to be 3 months), but it's hard to get back in teacher mode when it's time to go back after all that time off.  This week I got it.  I step into my classroom, start making plans, and then I'm off and rolling. 

One thing that really drives me nuts is when I have to set up my computers.  It takes so much time and the next thing I know hours have passed and that's all I have managed to do.  Not only am I having to deal with a computer that's not working, but I acquired another one that was unexpected.  Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if it was a new one, but it's an old one and now I have to figure out what to do with it and where to put it.  I decided to change out the one that's not working with the old one for now.  Hopefully the wonderful tech guy will come soon and get my newer one fixed!  This really sucks because all of my stuff is saved on that one.

On a brighter note, I also decided to do some painting in my classroom.  This was more fun, and I felt I had accomplished more once I was finished.  I painted my in and out doors, yes the doors really said in and out in HUGE letters, that was painted by the previous teacher.  For some reason my 4th grade students paid more attention and followed the signs than my 3rd graders.  I'm sure the last teacher had more success with that rule than me anyway.  I also made some cute signs for my classroom and replaced the flowers outside of my building with new Fall ones.  OK they are the plastic type flowers, but they put me in a good mood and will last longer.

Although my to do list should be getting smaller it's not!  Just when I finish one thing I think of something else to do.  I haven't even added all the paperwork that needs to be done.  That's another list and another blog in itself.  The count down continues...5 more days!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Objective 1 Achieved!

I did it!!!  I met my first objective towards reaching my running goal:  To run 1/2 a mile without stopping.  After a month of gradually building up my endurance, I am finally at the point where I can follow the 3 month plan from a book I am reading.  Not bad for someone who has never ran before!

Another surprise this evening as I was out running.  I decided to go a different route than my usual.  I usually run up and down my street, but last week I decided to drive around my neighborhood and clock the distance in another direction. As I was out running, I found some other runners in my neighborhood. 

Now on to my next objective to run 1 mile without stopping.