Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New School Year

It's a new school year, and thanks to Pinterest and the teacher share ideas page on Facebook I'm finally getting into my back to school mode.  All of the ideas I have seen are easy to adapt to any theme.  Last year I decided to go with the leopard print theme in my class.  I'm having so much fun adding new ideas to my classroom this year.  Here's a peek into my classroom.

1.   Small group table area.

 2,   Class Rules and Conduct Clip Chart

3.   School PBIS Rules (PRIDE)

4.   Homework BINGO

5.   All About Me board

6.   Teacher small group table.  (Love the touch light idea for a no disturbing signal when working with a group.)

7.   Word Wall and Reading Center

8.   New classroom clock (that somehow keeps disappearing and reappearing in my classroom.)

9.   Birthday corner

10.   Crazy straw birthday treats