Saturday, April 21, 2012

F is for Field of Dreams

Every spring kids from ages 4 to 22 years old with all disabilities come together to play ball.  The challenger baseball field is located at the Field of Dreams park in Bossier City, LA and is handicap accessible.  The Challenger League of Bossier City allows boys and girls with physical and mental challenges to enjoy the game of baseball like millions of others children who play this sport.

My son Nicholas is 17 years old and has been playing in the Challenger League since he was six.  Nicholas has Down Syndrome and is unable to play in a team sport like other kids his age.  Had this program not been organized in my area he may never had the opportunity to play.  I am very appreciative of this wonderful opportunity.

For my son and our family this is not just about him playing t-ball or baseball.  It's a wonderful time for us to spend time together as a family and make friends with other families.  Everyone is able to get involved.  I especially like being one of the "buddies" out on the field cheering and helping anyone who needs assistance.  Nicholas looks forward to going each time and having the chance to socialize and enjoy himself.

The picture below shows Nicholas with his friend Jessica.  If you go to a challenger league baseball game this is what you will see.  Friends saying hi and giving each other hugs and high fives.  I am so proud of each and everyone of them.  We look forward to participating as long as we can.  Until then, let's PLAY BALL!


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