Wednesday, April 18, 2012

C is for The Chase

He was perched on the windowsill enjoying his usual afternoon siesta when out of nowhere a blur of chocolate fur came bounding toward him.  Roxy awoke him with that loud, annoying bark she was famous for.  She stopped when she realized she had Comet's attention.

Ears perked up, Comet looked over at Roxy, meowed, and you could practically read his mind.  "Really?"  "We're doing this again, huh?"  Roxy responded back with a sharp bark, "Yep," and the chase was on!

Comet suddenly darted off the windowsill with Roxy in hot pursuit.  They made a quick chase around the room when out of the corner of Comet's eyes he spotted the back door open.  Running at full speed ahead, Comet made a beeline past the pool and through the white picket fence.  When he made it to the other side of the fence, to the carpet of lush, green grass, he came to an abrupt stop, laid down, and waited.

Roxy was familiar with the routine.  Stop. Bark. Run a complete circle around Comet. Stop. Bark. Wait.

When the moment was right, Comet sprang up and took off like a bolt of lightening away from Roxy.  Roxy, not wanting to be outdone, made one last attempt.  As she begin to close in on Comet she noticed him slowing down.  It was time to make her move.  At that exact moment Roxy bounded on top of Comet, flipping him to his side, and bit him on the tail.  Comet reacted with a sharp "Meow!"  As soon as Roxy's nose was in striking distant the claws came out.  Comet quickly attacked with his left paw, and then plopped smack down in front of Roxy daring her to do that again.

Roxy, realizing defeat made a final bark as to say, "You win" and retreated.  It was not over yet.  Next time...

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