Friday, April 20, 2012

E is for Ewww!

Recently, my cat decided to bring in a surprise.  I was in the kitchen preparing lunch for school when I noticed the cat coming in from the pet door in the laundry room.  I glanced out of the corner of my eye and saw Comet rush past me with a bird in his mouth.  I totally freaked!  He dropped the bird, and it fluttered around on the floor with it’s broken wing.  Comet stopped it with his paw.  He lifted his paw, and the bird started fluttering toward me.  I screamed and ran the other way.  Comet decided he liked this game and caught it again. 

At this moment my youngest son decided to wake up from all the commotion going on.  When I told him to help me with the bird situation he just stood there and laughed.  Suddenly, I ran and grabbed the broom.

When the cat dropped the bird again I took the broom and tried to sweep it out the back door.  After the first sweep the cat ran to the bird, picked it up by the mouth, and took it to the pantry.  My "OMG" expression just made Caleb stand there and laugh even more.  (Notice there is also no help from the husband either.  He’s still in bed!)

I walked over to the pantry and when Comet released the bird, I quickly swept it toward the door again, feathers flying everywhere.  Ewww!  Comet once again came after the bird and took it back to the pantry.

After the third attempt at last I was able to get the bird outside.  Sadly, it didn’t make it out alive.  I closed the door and turned to find Comet looking for that bird.  After a few minutes he gave up, marched over to his favorite spot on the floor next to the wall, looked up at me, and gave a quiet meow. 

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