Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kodak Moment

One of the great things about increasing my running miles is finding new routes to take when I go out.  This week while I'm working on my 2 mile runs, I decided to go running in the neighborhood behind mine.  I go out for 1 mile and then run back.  This path takes me past a pond.   My goal used to be to run down to the end of it.  Now I can run down the end and back up the other side.  Today as I came up on the pond, I saw the most amazing sight of egrets.  Literally half the pond was covered with these birds.  It was such an amazing sight that it almost stopped me in my tracks.  They stood there in a paralyzing state.  My running past them did nothing to disturb them, and when I came back around to them they were still there.  Oh how I wish I had a camera on me or my ipod had one built into it.  This was definitely one of those Kodak moments.