Monday, July 11, 2011

Weight Loss Update

I see it's been a few weeks since I last blogged, but as I sit here at 11:00 at night I suddenly got in a writing mood.

Here's an update on my weight loss progress.  I set out a month ago to lose some weight this summer.  It's really not going as good as I had hoped.  Let me just say that when you turn 40 it really sucks that your body does not respond like it used to.  It's not because I haven't tried, but in the last month I have only lost 4 pounds!!!   I started out with the South Beach Diet plan and then the 17 day diet.  Last time I checked there were about 30 days in a month.  So it's been 30 days and all I've lost is 4 pounds?!  Those diets officially suck! 

I haven't given up though.  While I have always loved walking I have decided to start jogging as well.  I've never really been a fan of running, but I am desperate for something to help jump start my metabolism.  I am proud to say that it's been 2 weeks and I am still at it.  I started out at a mile and a half and have now added 2 miles of alternating walking with jogging.  Surprisingly, I am enjoying my new fitness goal which is to eventually jog 3 miles and enter a 5k event possibly next spring. 

A challenge I know I will face is when school starts back up in about a month.  I know it will be so easy to get back into that routine and slack off on the exercising, but I am determined to keep it up.  If there are any runners out there reading this feel free to send me some motivation every now and then.  I'll really appreciate it!


  1. keep updating guys
    iam still curious about your diet plan

  2. Good news! I lost 2 more pounds this week. As far as my diet plan I have cut back on carbs and sugar. I'm eating wheat bread and also more fruit. I'm learning portion control. I love to eat so instead of not eating the things I love I'm eating in moderation. Oh and I'm also drinking lots of water.