Sunday, May 6, 2012

U is for Ultraviolet Rays

Yesterday was another pool day for the neighborhood kids at my house.  I just realized that I've gone through 3 bottles of sunscreen since spring break which is a good thing.  As soon as I see the crew coming through the gate I'm ready.  Loaded with sunscreen and towels I carry them out shouting, "Don't forget the sunscreen!"

I used to tan (inside and outside) when I was a teenager, and I cringe when I think about how we would use baby oil.  Instead of a tan, I would look like a lobster.  My “excuse” is that we didn’t know it could be harmful, kind of like kids who started smoking before anyone realized how dangerous it could be.  Perhaps the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays could be added to the DARE curriculum.  Hmmm, just a thought.

Some of the neighborhood kids are becoming teenagers now, and I notice their pool time is spent more out of the pool than in.  My oldest came in and asked if we had any tanning oil.  I told him no and to use the sunscreen I gave him.  He said they were working on their tans.  I gave him my words of wisdom about how our skin is fair and how we don't tan first, we burn and get more freckles.   

I guess my words of wisdom went out the door because last night I was hunting down the lotion to put on my son's sunburned back and shoulders. 

Then again maybe he did realize mom is wise after all.  He left this morning to go fishing with his dad.  As he was leaving I asked if he had his sunscreen.  He said, "Yes" and even took the hat I offered him as he left.  

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