Sunday, August 14, 2011


It's been 6 weeks, and I'm finally able to run 1 mile without stopping!  What an awesome feeling that is!  I remember when I first started out I could barely make it down my street, and now I'm running around my neighborhood like I own it!  Well, I guess I'll share it with a few other fellow runners and maybe the nonrunners too.

I'm actually amazed that I decided to start running at all.  I have never been a runner, and the couple of times I attempted some jogging I would end up making excuses to myself and quit.  Not this time!  Maybe it was the turning 43 that did it.  I started out wanting to lose weight, but it turned into a goal of running in a 5k event.  As I train for this event, I love challenging myself to see what I can do.  Of course the losing weight and toning up is also happening.  My exercise program has completely changed my daily habits and attitude.  I no longer find myself grabbing whatever junk food I find, and when I'm stressed I take it out during my running time.  I may be running more now that school has started back.

So, on to more running and moving up to 2 miles.  But first, I think I'll reward myself by going out to buy new shoes (new running shoes)!


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