Thursday, December 20, 2012

Teaching: A Calling From God

"Teachers have class"; "The best teachers teach from the heart"; "If you can read this thank a teacher."

Having been a teacher for twenty years, these are some of the sayings I've run across that relate to teaching.  All of these are nice, but I think the greatest saying I've found comes from a book of inspirational quotes for teachers and the Bible, John 3:2.  It refers to Jesus and says, "Thou art a teacher come from God." 

When I read this scripture, it reminds me of why I'm an educator.  It gives me encouragement on those days when I feel nothing is going right, no one else cares, or it is just not worth it!  Jesus had twelve students (disciples) and it did not go perfectly for Him.  His students just did not get it at times.  He taught in parables, gave them lessons, guided practice, and evaluations, but still He always had to reteach a lesson because some did not get it the first time.

Teaching is not just a profession but a calling from God.  "You are a teacher come from God."  May this saying be forever in my heart as I strive to become the teacher He has called me to be.

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