Saturday, October 1, 2011

Goal Achieved

After 3 long months of hard work I did it!  On this cool, crisp October morning, I ran 3.1 miles!  As I started out this morning I stepped out of the house, and it was cold!  I quickly went back in and changed from tank top to t-shirt.  My body has been so used to hot and humid it didn't quite know how to react to cold.  Nevertheless, my body adjusted and pushed past the 3 mile goal today.

That first mile is not so bad now.  I start out with a slow, steady pace and give my body time to warm up.  I went my usual route this morning which took me by the pond I love behind my house.  After the first mile, I begin the 2nd mile down the road past the 1/2 mile pond.  This morning I noticed 5 geese out by the side of the road looking for food.  They gave me a look as I passed by.  I came to the end of the street and turned around for mile 3.  As I ran passed the geese again they honked at me seeming to say, "You can do it!  Keep going!"  And, I did!  I kept running and pushed myself to finish that last mile.  Instead of stopping at 3 miles I went a little bit more, and then walked the rest of the way home grinning and thinking how awesome that just felt!  My goal to jog 3 miles is achieved!

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